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. now, abc2news at 11:00. an allegation of sexual misconduct against a baltimore police officer. we have a live update. it is breezy and a rainy night. will the weather clear up before you send the kids to the bus stop? would you truss a pregnancy test from the dollar store? we find out how well it works. we begin tonight with a look at what is happening outside your window. beautiful today, but it could be a messy night. our chief meteorologist says there is a mist behind you? >> the radar lighting up like a christmas tree. it happens we have another hour or so around the area. the rain is knocking in on the western part of the viewing area, frederick and rain moving in to carroll county, the more significant rain is coming in through walkersville, getting
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some showers also out toward union bridge, a little rain flying there. colder air coming in. the rain is ahead of the big blast of cooler air that will make its presence felt tomorrow. the warmest we'll see is tonight at 12:01. after that, temperatures will fall. 48 when you wake up with rain, ugly conditions, give yourself some extra time for the morning commute. we'll talk about how things change. thank you, tonight a breaking newseum date. a baltimore police officer has been suspended over allegations of sexual misconduct. >> we are live with more on the story. >> reporter: baltimore city's new police commissioner held a news conference. he is only in office a week and is dealing with a serious allegation of misconduct. the officer worked out of the northwestern district. he has been identified as elliott simon, 39 years old,
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who has been with the department 13 years. he is facing possible criminal charges in connection with an incident involving a young woman. >> over the weekend, detectives from the baltimore police special investigation section received a complaint of alleged sexual misconduct between an 18 year old female and on-dutiy baltimore police department officer. >> they are releasing his name because he is being investigated for what would be a felony. he has been suspended without pay. the age, 18, indicates the charge is not statutory rape. they used the term statutory misconduct and it occurred while he was on duty could indicate that the 18 year old had been detained by the officer when some kind of sex act occurred. police would not confirm that? >> reporter: tonight, the city
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state's attorney office is looking into the case to determine whether criminal charges should be filed. thank you. another update in the abc2news room. tonight, the fbi visited the home of paula broadwell. she is accused of having an affair with david petraeus. he resigned as head of the cai friday. the fbi found out about their relationship while tracing treatening e-mails sent to another woman that petraeus knew. stay with us all night online at for the latest on this story. don't forget to join "good morning maryland" at 4:30. students at montgomery college in rockville overheard a man upset about a breakup, saying he wanted to shoot people. they told school security. they alerted police and
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arrested the suspect. police have not released his name. yet another water main break causing problems, the latest on madison street in mount vernon. the breaks are blamed on the aging infrastructure. baltimore has a plan to replace pipes faster, though it will take a few years to get up to speed. >> we are so far below where we should be, below five miles a year. over the next years, we have 25, 30, 40 over the next few years. >> that is only half the size of the break on north charles. the problems are not limited to the city. there was a break in essex, too. they responded to a 16-inch break on philadelphia road. with all the breaks, how do you get around the mess? we are working for you tonight with the timesaver traffic
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report. the waterman breaks continue to cause problems in baltimore. you need to avoid madison street by gilford avenue. it is affected from madison to monument. you need to use 83, calvert, or monument street instead. this is only a mile away from last week's water break. north charles is shut down from north to 21st. now lambeau street will be closed at charles street. your best alternate routes are calvert and the jfx. i will track your commute tomorrow on good morning maryland beginning at 4:30. caught on video. retired state trooper is being hailed as a hero tonight. apparently a thief talked into the dairy and deli and commanded money. the trooper was in the store during the robbery. he jumped on the robber and wrestled the gun away. >> the trooper is a hero. that's what i'm trying to say.
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i told a lot of people. he is the guy who saved my wife's life and everybody's life. >> the trooper's quick thinking kept everyone safe. the robber got away with some cash. he escaped in a white or silver ford floorer. anyone with information on the identity should call the cecil county sheriff. tonight, the man behind the puppet elmo is taking leave. kevin clash is accused of having a relationship with a 16 year old boy. the accuser, now 23, made the allegations in june. the puppettier denied the charges. clash says there was a relationship, but it was between two consenting adults. they say the relationship was not related to, quote, the workplace, and disciplined clash for violating the internet policy. the passage of the same sex marriage could mean big bucks for maryland. thousands of couples will exchange vows in the state.
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now that question 6 is passed. same sex weddings could bring in an estimated $63 million over the next three years. that can also help creates jobs and boost tax revenues. well, school shootings like the one at perry hall are rare. we found the opportunity for them to be more common you i this. >> our investigator shows us tonight how many times firearms pop-up in schools and what experts believe is the right path to stop it. >> reporter: on the first day of school, during the first lunch period, a national headline became hyper local. the reaction acute. >> she is okay. she says she is okay. >> reporter: perry hall high
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school and the community quickly became chaotic as news spread that 15 year old robert gladden brought a shotgun to school and fired it in the cafeteria wounding daniel borowy. his wounds, as physical as the communities were emotional. >> we thought we would be safe at school. you get on the bus, go to school, come home. now, something like this happens, it alarms you. >> reporter: as it did that day and continues to. while shootings in schools are rare the opportunity is not. abc2news compiled data from the last decade. out of school suspensions from 2001 to 2002 school year through 2010-2011, 117 students were suspended for firearms throughout the area, which includes all seven school districts. an average of 15 a year. >> you would like to see zero for every year in all of these
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jurisdictions but we don't the. >> reporter: dr. daniel webster, the director for gun policy at the school of public health, says firearm suspensions happen more often than people know. to get the number to zero will not happen overnight. he recent he released a study called "the case for gun policy reform in america" that calls for gun restrictions to high risk groups, specifically, those under 21. >> the big focus should be on the community. what can we do to make guns less available to young people and criminals. >> the last two years of data show a significant decline in firearm-related suspensions, a trend that mirrors a national trend. he says to keep it going in
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that direction, the public must be involved. >> the police department responded to the perry hall shooting in part with a new gun lock give away. county police also implemented the use of metal detecting wands to be used as a school resource officers' discretion. we asked to see how it works in a post perry hall smoothing world but our request was denied. measures are in place to help prevent this. >> it affects us every day. particularly if you had an incident like that, so close to you, in a place where you thought you were always safe, it is incredibly traumatic, and i think some of the kids are going to need, probably need support and help for a while. >> safety redefined by two shots in a cafeteria on the first day of school. in baltimore, brian kuebler, abc. we know that you are curious about how many children
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were suspended in your school district for firearms. so we've compiled all the data along with other weapons suspensions in an interactive page. go to and click on the stories link. and tomorrow you will have a chance to honor daniel borowy. the red cross and university of maryland medical center are holding a blood drive to celebrate his recovery. stop by perry hall between 3:00 and 8:00 tomorrow. the blood drive will help shock trauma, where doctors and nurses help saved the teen's life after the shooting. in just a minute, a story for every parent whose child has a cell phone. just because you checked the phone doesn't mean it is safe. a big shift in the weather pattern as we move into the day tomorrow. expecting the cold blast to come in. we break down the timing when it gets out of here straight
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ahead. >> and why spend $15 when you can get a buck. we put the dollar store pregnancy test to the test. we're back in 60 seconds. oh! green mountain coffee! how do you always have my favorite coffee? well, inside the brewer, there's a giant staircase. and the room is filled with all these different kinds of coffee and even hot cocoa, and you'll always find your favorite. with so many choices, keurig has everyone's favorite.
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and i just press this button. brew what you love, simply. keurig. . tonight, this is something you have to know about if your child has a smart phone. >> even if you do everything, monitor the online activity, follow who they call and check their text messages, you could be missing something important. something like a texting app. turns out you can text outside the phone's messaging feature by using the special applications. the parents are not aware of them. the kids are using those applications to basically communicate in a manner that their parents will never, ever know about because most parents don't go through every app. >> the messages don't go to the same place usual text messages do. unless you look for it you may
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not find it. the most common are text free, next now, and next plus. the app companies say they are taking steps to protect user. it is one of the biggest words of the year, they didn't go with yolo, and decided on gif. it is a type of file that is a short looping video. they are all over the place. and some of the storms are superstorm and nomo phobia. the blacked eye pees gave us "i'm a pow" tonight, we have an idea. the big bean theory.
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>> the black eye peebeen recipe. they say if you don't like the way i cook them, cook them yourself. >> i know i can do better. >> reporter: she started out with black eye pea, great northern bean and navy bean. >> black eye pea. >> she sold 80 jars in two hours. >> i saw that i could cook. >> now, she was working for giant. her passion is the bean. her bosses say? >> what are you going to do, sell beans? >> she opened the big bean theory. >> i'm a manufacturer. i'm a built-in. i can't believe i am a built-in machine. i make the product here. >> they credit her with keeping the mall alive. it is teaching her how to work out the kinks before she hits the big bean time. >> i'm a good business woman.
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i have wonderful ideas. i'm proud of myself. >> proud of herself and more so of grandma molly, the real bean counter. >> if it wasn't for her, i don't know if she realized what she did. she started me doing this. they started my passion. >> passion. if we can have 20 beans a day, not what you are thinking, you can lower your cholesterol fast. she has over 200 bean recipes and her mind is always thinking about 201. they look good. here is some food for thought. a new study argues that humans are not as smart as we used to be. an article published in the journal trends in genetics claim that we have lost the pressure to be smart. early humans lived or died by their ability to make shelter and hunt. now the study points out most of the basic needs are taken care of. it goes on to point out the world's average iq continues to rise, so you can take that
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study for what it is worth. you are still thinking about the beans. >> the decision to have a child is filled with a roller coaster of emotions. women get a home pregnancy test. >> we look at whether you need to pay top dollar to find out if you are pregnant. >> reporter: like most first- time moms, tracy grasso was filed with excitement when they began trying to have a baby. her son john is now three. she remembers the moments and what it was like, just like it was yesterday. >> first, i didn't know what to expect or anything. so if i thought about it, i would think maybe i'm pregnant. it could be up to five a week. when i found out, it was probably five that day, to make sure it was right. >> at the store, most test kits are between $10 and $15. for that price, some kits will give you two testers. but you are still paying at
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least five dollars a test. how about playing a buck? >> some people are skeptical. there is a generic for anything. >> we found dollar pregnancy tests. the dollar general brand has instructions and details. that is missing from dollar tree's new choice kit. all the instructions are right on the box. tracy didn't mind it. >> i feel like it is the same thing and it is actually, you know, much more affordable. >> how do they stack up to the name brand? we asked family medicine doctor christine alexander to review the research from it. >> after looking at the studies i think there is no difference. >> reporter: no difference in the lab. you may get a different result if you don't do it right. >> like anything, it is only as good as the person that did the test. and this one is a little bit more cumbersome to do. it puts more ownership on the patient and how they perform the test. >> reporter: the other issue is
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when you perform the test. dr. alexander says some women do it too early. >> if you think you are pregnant and have a negative test, wait several days and repeat it. >> reporter: the doctor admits testing is a good first step, saying it is even cheaper than going to the doctor. especially if you are only paying a dollar. now, the doctor said testing at home is a good first step, and she admits it is cheaper than going to the doctor especially if you are paying just a buck. so what do you think? would you give it a try? let us know on our facebook page, . and now, maryland's most accurate forecast. >> all right. long and strong cold front lined up and down the east coast here. you can see it here in the 3d storm view as we take a look under the clouds. you see the showers lining up, coming across the mountains and rain making its way into the
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area. i'll show you maryland's most powerful radar in motion. you can see the rain crossing out of the hagerstown area and across the area. we'll continue to see the rain steadily pushing further and further into the baltimore area. already seeing rain in carroll country across much of the area. here is a look at some of the winds. it is gusty out there, been gusty through the day and night. we had a peak gust of 44, 29 in easton and 27 in bel air. windy conditions, still warm. the cold air has punched in. the leading edge of cold air arrived in winchester so it is getting here but will take a little while longer. right now in baltimore, still rain free. 62 at bwi. humidity 84%. we have a south wind and that is why the temps are warm. the high temperature will be
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60, 61 degrees. through the day today, we saw cloudy conditions and then, you know, the lights lighting up here at robert w. komen and a fairly quiet night still, warmer than average, be on the whole, big changes moving in. you can see the wind shift. hagerstown, winds from the west. let's take a look at the overall set up. we have 38 in pittsburgh, headed our way. the wind chills is really bitter, off to the north and west, still feeling like 60s here. the rain is marching in our direction. it will be on and off through the night including the morning commute. we'll finally begin to clear things out by tomorrow afternoon, tomorrow evening. it has been a slow moving front. we'll be clear on wednesday,
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clear and cold. the heart of the cold air will settle in wednesday. as a result, we won't get out of the 40s as the cold air funnels in out of the north and west. that will make its presence felt. but again, that rain continuing to knock on the door. you will make up to rain drops in the morning, especially if you are an early morning commuter. give yourself a few extra minutes in the morning. 48 overnight, cloudy, windy, tomorrow 52. rain likely through at least the early morning hours. slow clearing from west to east. again, if the front stalls, you can see rain through early afternoon. we should be clear by then. we will see a freeze across the area. wednesday, 48. back to 50 on thursday. milder conditions come in as we go into the end of the week here. friday and saturday looks good, not bad timing, but again our nice, warm stretch, out there basqueing in the warm weather for the ravens game is coming
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to an end. much more news coming up. >> but first here is a look at what you will see after abc2news at 11:00. >> coming up on nightline, the shocking new details in the sex scandal that brought down the head of the cia. his high profile mistress and the fbi investigation that unraveled it all. plus, the new book blowing the lid off the secret life of michael jackson on nightline.
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. abc2news is brought to you by edward arthur jewelers.
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a jewelry collection recovered from the wreckage of the titanic will go on display for the first time. they were found in a bag. they will be on display in atlanta, orlando and las vegas in the coming months. some nice stuff there. nice stuff, on display. >> better not try to travel there tomorrow. >> frosting, a little frost. take a quick check. it won't be frosty, but it will be rainy in the morning. you will drive in this stuff out there early in the morning, drive with care. the line is coming in there in westminster. reaching across to randal's down. here is the hour by hour forecast. it clears from west to east, annapolis will clear later. >> raincoats for the kids, right?
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